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Dyed Hair timeline! :] old sn was nosalvationx [Friday
December 26th, 2008

Created a new sn, to clear out the old friends, if you'd like to be buddies, just comment on an entry :]
Anywho, I've been dying my hair the past three years or so, I'll do my best with the colors, the brands are special effects and raw :]

offf to the long timelineeee!Collapse )
I plan on doing rainbow underneath, starting with purple under the bangs and so on, any tips? I've never done the full rainbow, so im pumped :]. I dont like red to much, so im sure I'll lighten the colors up, but get th ebasic rainbow idea. I do dye my hair myself, some people seem amazed by that..it make me giggle :].
thank you and what not for any advice, comments, favorites or questions, I will be glad to answer
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March 28th, 2008

Okay, so basically my hair is boring and theres nothing to it...I love the color so lets not fuss about that. But the cut is terrible. Now Prom is coming up in May so I wont be cutting it until after that is through. But I truly need some ideas.
timelineCollapse )
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mod// [Tuesday
March 25th, 2008

Wow, I haven't posted pictures in SO long. I'd be suprised if you guys even remembered me. Hahaha. :P

I got my lip pierced, my hair grew WAY out. I have a sternum piercing. I used to look like this.

This is what I look like now. Sorry these pics all suck lol.Collapse )
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January 17th, 2008


I'm BACK! :D

Anyone here still alive? O.o
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January 17th, 2008

[Unknown LJ tag] 

Skin question. [Wednesday
January 9th, 2008

So I'm getting kind of freaked out because you know those lines that form when you smile on both sides of your nose connecting down to your mouth? I feel like mine are getting etched in there, and I'm wondering if being able to see faint traces close in the mirror under a bright light is normal. I actually tried to take a picture of what I'm talking about and when I don't use a flash it, the lines don't show and when I do use one, the flash washes them out. Either way, I can't get them to show up in a picture. Instead here's a picture of me actually smiling to illustrate the ones I'm talking aboutCollapse )

Thanks for any help in advance!
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January 8th, 2008

[ mood | crappy ]

 hey everybody
i'm lucy

i've never been particularly happy with my looks, hence the username. i'm the one in the middle. the other two are my sisters, who both happen to be gorgeous, and popular with the guys, both of which i'm not.
so, tell me what you think..... please dont be too harsh!

the one on the left is 16, i'm 14, and the one on the right is 25

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yooooooo! [Friday
November 30th, 2007

[ mood | chipper ]

This community seems a bit DEAD,
but i'll post anyways.

A timeline, oldest to NOW (LOTS OF PICS)Collapse )

And by lots of pictures I mean... LOTS OF PICTURES!

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October 13th, 2007

Hi everyone, I know that this is practically a promotional entry, but i need your help here!!

I am doing this GIANT resarch assigment, comparing Facebook and livejournal and how people use them.  I need quantitative data!!  and i have some surveys that need filling out!!!

First a survey for people who have a livejournal (so i would hope that you all would help me out on this one.)
Second, a survey for people who have a facebook.  (if you have one, or if you friends have one)
And third, a quick survey for people who have both (to compare the two)

I have been told that all of the surveys take very little time to compleate.

so, if you could help me out, that would be great!!!

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new! [Thursday
October 11th, 2007


im really happy with em :)
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nice day. [Wednesday
September 19th, 2007

so my best friend moved home.
and he did my hairrrrr.
mac mac loreal yeah cause im worth itCollapse )
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August 31st, 2007

I havent posted a hair timeline in sometime, so here it goes...:D
picturesssssCollapse )
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August 22nd, 2007
I have a hair question for all of you :].
I've been going through a lot of changes lately, getting rid of all the negativity in my life, moving from high school to college, and I feel like changing my apperance. I really feel like cutting my hair, I've been digging the sorta A-Line bob thats been going on lately ( I saw this girl with a beautiful one! it's hard to explain but it was A line - but not too short at the back - and I guess layered/choppy, it was HOT!) Anyways, I really don't know about this cut, like would it suit me? I also feel like changing my hair colour, I've had it red/brown for the better part of 2 + years now. I want to really lighten it up.
I have a lot of hair, but people also call my hair fine. Right now it lands at about my shoulder with grown out/growing out layers. I have no problem with a "drastic" cut (ie cutting a lot off) or colour change, in fact , i quite welcome both. SO PLEASE TAKE A LOOK, & IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON WHAT WOULD SUIT ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW :]

pics of me!Collapse )

Thanks guys/gals!!!
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so so so.... hair, huh? [Wednesday
August 22nd, 2007

Ok, so these are pics of what my hair's been doing this summer. Which one do I want to settle on for September? I want the nicest one, because this is an exam year, and I want to be done thinking about hair for a while....
It's not a rainbow, but it does change colour....Collapse )
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August 17th, 2007

I got a hair cut and dyed my hairrr! :]
before and after picturess are insidee!!!!!
picturesssssssCollapse )
all sfx colorsss!
and yes, I had to re-bleach it firstttt
theirs cupcake pink, iguna green, limelight green, atomic blue, and purple
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finally got the chop [Tuesday
August 14th, 2007


cut the hair again. this is the shortest its ever been, i like it :)

*please excuse the silly picture*

this is my angry face 
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August 13th, 2007

Im getting a hair cut soon, and have pink, blue, and green which means the dying shall e fun :p
but I neeed advice on how to cut it, I dont have a picure of the back, its sort of a short rat tail, hahahhaa, I Was to grow it out and braid it, but my friends would probably cut it off :p
so any advice, Ive always wanted a mohawk, and sort of want to shave underneath and put a star or heart design shaved in, but Im not sure, I also
dont know what to do with my bangs, IVe had side ones forever now, but Im moving to a new town, school where I dont know anyone anyways but stilll, any ideas would be nice
Ive never liked straight bangs and always thought v ones looked nice, but not for me....
picturessss!Collapse )
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August 2nd, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, I really need to start taking pictures this summer
this is what I got so far.

the lights went out at my houseCollapse )
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im still alive...sort of [Thursday
August 2nd, 2007

[ mood | drained ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this picture is pretty white trash. i kind of like it
besides the way im smirking. it makes me look 900lbs.

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July 28th, 2007

pictures of girls with short dreads, please :]
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