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I have a hair question for all of you :].
I've been going through a lot of changes lately, getting rid of all the negativity in my life, moving from high school to college, and I feel like changing my apperance. I really feel like cutting my hair, I've been digging the sorta A-Line bob thats been going on lately ( I saw this girl with a beautiful one! it's hard to explain but it was A line - but not too short at the back - and I guess layered/choppy, it was HOT!) Anyways, I really don't know about this cut, like would it suit me? I also feel like changing my hair colour, I've had it red/brown for the better part of 2 + years now. I want to really lighten it up.
I have a lot of hair, but people also call my hair fine. Right now it lands at about my shoulder with grown out/growing out layers. I have no problem with a "drastic" cut (ie cutting a lot off) or colour change, in fact , i quite welcome both. SO PLEASE TAKE A LOOK, & IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON WHAT WOULD SUIT ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW :]

most recent pic of me

my facial structure.

(these are from July, I have eyebrows now :])

the length & colour of my hair currently.

Thanks guys/gals!!!
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