Why am I so shy, why am I so shy, why am I so shy (on_callisto) wrote in no_bash_beauty,
Why am I so shy, why am I so shy, why am I so shy

Skin question.

So I'm getting kind of freaked out because you know those lines that form when you smile on both sides of your nose connecting down to your mouth? I feel like mine are getting etched in there, and I'm wondering if being able to see faint traces close in the mirror under a bright light is normal. I actually tried to take a picture of what I'm talking about and when I don't use a flash it, the lines don't show and when I do use one, the flash washes them out. Either way, I can't get them to show up in a picture. photo credit to Kirby
I'm the red-head. Please pardon my general sloppiness, and askew bangs it was New Year's. But feel free admire my super-cute friend on my right :3

Is it sun damage? Is it because I don't drink enough water? Is this basically unavoidable unless I stop smiling? Am I being crazy and paranoid?

Could it be a nutritional issue? My skin's been kind of blotchy and icky looking lately anyway, (the past few days especially since I've been sick) but I haven't been breaking out. Is that water/nutrition related?

Thanks for any help in advance!
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