i wish you would love me. (purple_toes) wrote in no_bash_beauty,
i wish you would love me.

Okay, so basically my hair is boring and theres nothing to it...I love the color so lets not fuss about that. But the cut is terrible. Now Prom is coming up in May so I wont be cutting it until after that is through. But I truly need some ideas.

P.S. I really do not like short hair on me. I prefer to keep it mid length or longer.

So why dont we start with a timeline of my wonderful hair...

Then I had short hair...

And I lost a bunch of pictures from middle school...but I have one...Mid length, natural brown with blond hilites.

Then when I turned 16 I did this to my hair...RED! I looked washed out (had to lighten image) but thats truly the color that my hair was.

Then I dyed my hair chocolate brown, got a generic haircut and stayed that way for a while...

And then I got blond hilites again...same haircut.

And now its still the same cut but its dark brown, no hilites, and the base is like a red...I know not the best pic.

My hair is basic, nothing special. And I really dont want a DRAMATIC change. Just something different. Im sick of the same hair cut, and same style.
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